Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

CommunicationPublic speaking, Interaction, Discourse, Culture, Argumentation, Persuasion, Research, Rhetoric, Literature, Philosophy, Discourse analysis Linguistics, Mass communication, Organizational communication, Pragmatics, Semiotics, Sociolinguistics

Information Technology: Technology and sustainable development, Information system, Technology management/ policies, Information and Communications Technology, Educational technologies/ Learning Technologies, Technology relations/trends, Sourcing, technology transfer/licensing, Environmental and Green Technology, Science and technology, Digital media and emerging technologies/ digital technologies, Manufacturing Technology, E-Government, e-Business)

Youth Study: Youth voice, Youth development, History of youth (category), Youth culture, Psychology, Youth politics, Children's geographies, Youth empowerment, Youth rights, Civic engagement, Youth participation, Criminalization, Youth service, Youth courts, Youth work, Adultism, Adultcentrism, Ephebiphobia, Youth education